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Yacht Brite Buff Magic 22 oz. can
Price: $27.50
Buff Magic will restore badly oxidized and faded fiberglass to like new condition. If your gelcoat can be saved, this is the product that you want. It is also an excellent scratch remover for your Plexiglass/Eisenglass windows and enclosures. It is pre-softened and machine or hand application friendly. Also works well as a general metal polish. The large 22 ounce can will remove oxidation, chalkiness and black streaks from a 40 foot boat!

BW-C Orbital Polisher
Price: $439.00
The machine that has long been the standard workhorse of the detailing industry. This machine features a heavy duty cast aluminum housing and a two year factory warranty on the motor. It is intended for the professional detailer that uses it on a daily basis. GEM INDUSTRIES invented the Orbital Polisher almost 50 years ago with one objective in mind...eliminate swirl marks caused by high speed rotary buffers. The Gem BW-C will compound, apply and remove wax without harming todays automotive finishes.

* Weight: 16 lbs.
* Overall Height: 10 in.
* Amps: 2.3 @ 110v
* RPM: 1650 @ 110v
* Motor: 110v/220v
* Housing: heavy-duty aluminum

Orbital CHD Polisher
Price: $399.00
Finally a lighter weight model from Gem. This polisher still has the heavy duty cast aluminum housing that its big brother offers, but it is just shy of two pounds lighter. It has slightly less torque than the BW-C, but the trade off in weight is worth it. Also has the two year warranty on the motor and shock resistant coating that Gem is known for. Intended for the week-end and semi professional detailing community.

* Weight: 14 lbs.
* Overall Height: 8 in.
* Amps: 2.2 @ 110v
* RPM: 1730 @ 110v
* Motor: 110v/220v
* Housing: heavy-duty aluminum

Shurhold Dual Action Polisher
Price: $189.00
Now anyone can polish their car, boat, plane or RV and achieve professional results. This is the most user friendly machine we have ever sold. The random orbital 6 inch pad will not burn or scratch gel-coat or paint. The quick change pads with Velcro backing will cut your maintenance time to next to nothing. The results will astound you. The long 20 foot cord and the built in circuit breaker are excellent additions when waxing at an airport or marina.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) liked this product so much that they awarded it top honors with an innovation award at the 2009 MAATS (The Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show) in the category: Boat Care, Coatings, Chemicals & Maintenance Tools.

The Neal's Harbor model of this machine includes the carrying bag, foam pad and the wool pad at no extra charge.

• Unique random action orbit with a direct drive motor
• No swirl or burn marks
• Extra long 20ft cord with GFCI protected plug
• Lightweight only 4.8 pounds
• Velcro backing plate allows for quick change of buffing pads
• Six Speeds from 2500-6500 OPM
• Carrying bag included
• Warranty: One year by manufacturer
• Neals Harbor unit includes one foam + one wool pad!!
• Replacement Pads available separately

SSR-50 Marine Cleaner
Price: $9.99
SSR-50 Marine Cleaner is the best product we have ever used on mold. Commonly known as "spider spots". this cleaner will eliminate the nasty green and black mold and mildew on sunbrella, canvas, vinyl, carpet, boat covers, sail covers, fiberglass and numerous other surfaces. It is biodegradable and contains no bleach or abrasives! It works exceptionally well on fish blood and as an all purpose cleaner for boats and RVs.

1 Liter.

Fire Hose Nozzle w/On-Off
Price: $12.99
This is a high quality nozzle with a built in on off switch. Leave the water on at the faucet and be able to flip a switch to turn the nozzle off. Rubber coated and heavy duty it will stand up to years of heavy use.