Need Help? Ask Neal!


Q: My boat becomes dull and chalky despite the fact that I polish it several times a year. Initially it looks great, but the results don't last. What am I doing wrong ?

A: It's probably not you who is doing anything wrong. I suspect that you are using a polish not a wax. A high quality wax ,with a carnauba base, will outlast many of the synthetic based products being used today.

Q: My boat continually suffers from greyish -black marks that seem to invade the finish. What is going on?

A: Sounds like your boat is suffering the effects of acid rain. Use a prewax cleaner, followed by a high quality wax. Repeat the process two or three times annually and this should solve your problem.

Q: Is there any way to restore the finish on my twenty- year-old boat short of having it professionally repainted?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. If you have tried various one and two step waxing procedures with limited results, it may be time to have your finish renewed. Prior to this costly procedure, I would recommend a gelcoat restorer followed by a premium quality wax.

Q: Although my boat is only two years old, some of the chrome has already become pitted and shows corrosion. I always wax these parts and I cannot understand why this is happening. Any advice?

A: My guess is that some of your fixtures are of a low quality chromed metal known as zamac. If you need to replace some of the items of your craft, despite its young age, buy either stainless steel or chrome plated brass. A coat of metal wax on higher quality goods will keep them ship shape for many years.

Q: The convertible top on my bass boat is leaking. Can I use waterproofing spray such as Scotch guard on it?

A: BE CAREFUL! There are many boating fabrics in the marketplace today that must be refinished with specific compounds. Determine exactly what kind of fabric your top is made of before you recoat it. This knowledge may save you considerable aggravation in solving your problem.

Q: My question isn't answered here; how can I ask Neal a question?

A: By e-mail ( or phone (860-742-9890).