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Epifanes Varnish

Epifanes Varnish
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    Clear CV 250 (half pint) - $17.00
    Clear CV 500 (pint) - $27.00
    Clear CV 1000 (qt.) - $39.50
    Rubbed Effect RE 500 (pint) - $30.00
    Rubbed Effect RE 1000 (qt.) - $45.00
    Are the world reknowned leaders in high quality marine spar varnishes. Maufactured with tung oil, ultraviolet filters and urethane resins for superior exterior protection. Available in clear or rubbed effect finishes. The rubbed effect varnish gives a warm , rich , handrubbed sytle finish perfect for boat interiors and furniture. Please thin only with Epifane thinner for best results. The application of this product requires "tie coats" thinned from ten to fifty percent for optimum performance.