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Marine Tex

Marine Tex
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    Grey 2oz - $16.95
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    The legendary Marine Tex, high-strength epoxy repair compound, designed for filling, bonding and rebuilding wood, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, metal, steel, aluminum, masonary and many plastics. Easy-to-apply paste makes permanent repairs to hulls, decks and equipment, including exhaust lines, outdrives, tanks, piping and stringers. Marine-Tex can be used to repair gouges in wood and fiberglass making the repaired area stronger than before. Sufficient working time for complex repairs. Bonds dissimilar metals without galvanic corrosion. Works as an adhesive as well as a filler. It has been the industry standard for many years. Can be sanded, drilled, sawed, threaded and painted. Available in Grey (almost black) or White.