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915 Marque & 855 Leather/Vinyl Combo

915 Marque & 855 Leather/Vinyl Combo
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    Collinite #915 has a high concentration of carnauba wax to bring out the showroom shine in your car. It is a premium car wax especially made for show cars and custom paint jobs. It will give your vehicle the warm deep gloss shine that car enthusiasts demand from a durable show car wax. This car wax is intended to be applied by hand. It is crafted with pride and poured in small controlled batches in the USA. This boutique car wax will insure that showroom shine and is one of the finest waxes that money can buy!

    855 Leather & Vinyl cleaner is rich in gentle cleaners and nourishing emoulents for the finest leather.  It should be applied with a damp terry towel and buffed to a warm sheen. It will clean and beautify all leather and vinyl whether it is in a car, boat, or airplane.  It is an excellent choice for leather couches and chairs in your home too.  Once applied, it will clean up easily with a damp cloth while leaving a high gloss protective coating against wear, deterioration, spills and oxidation.