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Protectant & Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner Combo (32 oz)

Protectant & Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner Combo (32 oz)
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    Two great products offered at a discount.  UNBEATABLE!  303 Concentrated Cleaner Is an excellent cleaner and spot remover for planes,boats,automobiles and recreational vehicles. It may be diluted as a general fabric cleaner for Sunbrella as well as to remove stains from outdoor fabrics. An excellent choice to dissolve oil,grease,ink,coffee,tea,wine and berry juice. 303 Cleaner contains no harsh soaps,detergents or solvents. It is biodegradable yet is an industrial strength cleaner that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It will safely clean plastics, fabrics, vinyls, metals, painted surfaces and rubber based products without harsh chemicals. 303 Aerospace Cleaner contains no caustics, acids or solvents. It is non-flammable, non-fuming, odorless and rinses residue free. This bio-safe cleaner may be used on any water-safe textiles. It is an excellent choice for cleaning awnings and patio umbrellas.

    303 Protectant is one of the most versatile marine and automotive products we have ever used. It is an Armorall style product, but the similarity stops there. It is WATER BASED and non greasy. It is truly a UV inhibitor and acts as sunscreen for car and boat interiors, dashboards, vinyl, tires and does an excellent job on leather too! This is a terrific choice for vinyl based outdoor furniture that is subjected the harsh sun and acid rain our environment now gives us. It is unparalleled on thermoplastic canoes and kayaks. It will stop the chalkiness that occurs when a plastic boat is left outdoors and subjected to the sun's damaging rays. PERSONALLY I think this is the best product I have ever used for strataglass clear vinyl that is found on boat enclosures and sailboat dodgers. I have sold this to many friends and business associates and everyone raves about how great a job 303 Protectant does! Spray a little 303 Protectant on a rag and recondition you windshield wipers. They will last longer and perform better. With all the money you save on wiper blades you can add me to your Christmas card list. Try and keep if off your windshield though, as it makes a mess that can easily be cleaned with household window cleaner!